My Apple Mac Pro Computer

This is my MAC Pro 6 core 3.3gig and 32gig of memory with a 256 gig SSD for OS Sierra & High Sierra.

Moving over from a PC was easy and most of the software I used on the PC I have found for the Mac.

I am also running Parallels desktop with windows 7 & 10 installed, I have the best of everything,
plus I have Ubuntu Linux.

Having High Sierra and Sierra on a SSD I can boot up which I want, I am not very happy with the look of
High Sierra & Sierra, the Mountain Lion look was so much nicer, updates are going backwards in looks,
The calculator is just crap, also Apple dont give enough prefs for the dock etc:
The MAC software is so much better than the PC software and a lot cheaper to buy.

I would recommend a Apple Mac to anyone who is a serious computer user.